Update on life!

Sorry, I have been SO busy lately! Posting something new on my blog was a little down the list of things to do.

Let’s start with July 1-8.

Papaw took all 12 (13, including Patrick, who, thanks to Norfolk Southern (who is great about letting employees time off on holidays!) came and stayed with beginning tuesday! We got to spend 4th of July together in the park!) of us to Disney World! We spent sunday-thursday at the Disney’s All Star Movies Resort!

After Disney, we went to the beach! Needless to say, we had a good start this month! Haha

See all the vacation pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.319052914852016.72012.100002419305565&type=3

We, sadly, had to return to reality.

Which, is not too bad. At all. Haha

Me and Patrick have been on a few dates and most of our weekends are spent running around.

Last weekend, Patrick did one of the sweetest things EVER to me!

We had planned to wake up at 8 on saturday (we take turns waking each other up and it was his turn) to go get his tires rotated. However, he woke up, went and had his tires rotated, and went to Dunkin Donuts and bought me a Boston Creme Pie doughnut and coffee for breakfast. At about 8 (he had already finished all of this) he came to wake me up. I’m pretty sure there is no better wake up call than your most favorite, handsome man holding coffee and a doughnut.

Sweetest man ever? Yepp, pretty sure I’ve got him! 😉

Just to clear things us, we are not living together. How I worded it in a facebook status made people question me, so I don’t want that happening here too.

The bad of that weekend? Patrick got sick. And guess what. When you are kissing somebody and then they get sick, it’s too late. You’re doomed to the cooties.

So I spent my monday throwing up and sleeping. You know you are really bad sick when you can’t even keep water down.

I was able to eat mashed potatoes by late that night. Tuesday was more mashed potatoes. Wednesday, I got real food!

However, I will admit, I still feel a little weird and can’t eat much without getting full.

This weekend, Patrick took me & Bobbie (my 13 year old sister) to see The Dark Night Rises!

I have to say, after the shooting, I was a tad bit nervous.

My prayers go out to the injured and families of the ones killed in that horrible shooting. It’s crazy how messed up this world is. (To top off the crazy, people have been posting pictures of facebook making fun of it all.)

On a much lighter note, sunday naps are probably one of my new favorite things. Apparently Patrick enjoys them too. He snored with his mouth wide open for a long time 😉

Just felt like sharing (:

Now to wait for Patrick to get to the hotel okay, then I’m out. I can feel sleep calling my name! Haha