Update on life!

Sorry, I have been SO busy lately! Posting something new on my blog was a little down the list of things to do.

Let’s start with July 1-8.

Papaw took all 12 (13, including Patrick, who, thanks to Norfolk Southern (who is great about letting employees time off on holidays!) came and stayed with beginning tuesday! We got to spend 4th of July together in the park!) of us to Disney World! We spent sunday-thursday at the Disney’s All Star Movies Resort!

After Disney, we went to the beach! Needless to say, we had a good start this month! Haha

See all the vacation pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.319052914852016.72012.100002419305565&type=3

We, sadly, had to return to reality.

Which, is not too bad. At all. Haha

Me and Patrick have been on a few dates and most of our weekends are spent running around.

Last weekend, Patrick did one of the sweetest things EVER to me!

We had planned to wake up at 8 on saturday (we take turns waking each other up and it was his turn) to go get his tires rotated. However, he woke up, went and had his tires rotated, and went to Dunkin Donuts and bought me a Boston Creme Pie doughnut and coffee for breakfast. At about 8 (he had already finished all of this) he came to wake me up. I’m pretty sure there is no better wake up call than your most favorite, handsome man holding coffee and a doughnut.

Sweetest man ever? Yepp, pretty sure I’ve got him! 😉

Just to clear things us, we are not living together. How I worded it in a facebook status made people question me, so I don’t want that happening here too.

The bad of that weekend? Patrick got sick. And guess what. When you are kissing somebody and then they get sick, it’s too late. You’re doomed to the cooties.

So I spent my monday throwing up and sleeping. You know you are really bad sick when you can’t even keep water down.

I was able to eat mashed potatoes by late that night. Tuesday was more mashed potatoes. Wednesday, I got real food!

However, I will admit, I still feel a little weird and can’t eat much without getting full.

This weekend, Patrick took me & Bobbie (my 13 year old sister) to see The Dark Night Rises!

I have to say, after the shooting, I was a tad bit nervous.

My prayers go out to the injured and families of the ones killed in that horrible shooting. It’s crazy how messed up this world is. (To top off the crazy, people have been posting pictures of facebook making fun of it all.)

On a much lighter note, sunday naps are probably one of my new favorite things. Apparently Patrick enjoys them too. He snored with his mouth wide open for a long time 😉

Just felt like sharing (:

Now to wait for Patrick to get to the hotel okay, then I’m out. I can feel sleep calling my name! Haha

Face mask

Patrick’s sister, Sarah, has been using this and I asked her for the recipe. I used it last night and today, it works great! Smooth, soft skin. Like, instantly. It also relieved redness. So here it is:

Facial mask

2 tbps honey

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp cinnamon

Blend together in a small bowl. Spread on face, avoiding eyes. Let it sit for about 30 mins, rinse off with warm water.

Be warned: It drips (it makes your face itchy while it drips, but don’t touch it!), so I suggest wearing a shirt you don’t mind it getting dripped on. Feel free to wipe the drips with your finger and lick it. It tastes good!

Store in fridge. You can use daily, every other day, or whenever you like. It won’t harm your skin.


Ten of my favorite things <3

I decided to post this time about a few of my favorite things so y’all get to know me a little better 🙂

10. Coffee. 3 spoons of sugar and about a 1/4 of the way filled with milk. But never in the morning! For some reason, I want it most at about 5 pm.

9. Puppies! I am DYING to get a Golden Cocker Retriever! They are bred so that the dog will look like a puppy when it’s full grown!

8. Kittens!

7. Nail polish. I paint my nails every other day. I love getting new colors!

6. Cozy sweaters. I have a few and I wear them ALL the time. Even in the summer.

5. My unicorn pillow pet named Princess that Patrick got me when we first started dating 🙂

4. Babies! How could you not love a sweet face like this? 🙂

3. My boots. Patrick bought me boots and I wear them ALL the time now (:

2. The flowers he bought me for our 10 month anniversary 🙂

1. My handsome fiance. I love him so much ❤ he is my world ❤

Note: Most of these pictures are not mine.

Wedding update! :)

Saturday we went to look at a wedding venue. I LOVE it!! It is Coker Creek Village. We would probably use the rec barn. A huge, beautiful barn that is everything I want! 🙂 We will probably be getting married there!! There is nothing more exciting than standing in a barn with the man you love, knowing that in just 16, almost 15, short months we will be standing there saying our vows. I cannot wait! 🙂

We have also been talking about food for the reception. As of now, we will be having barbecue. And when talking to the people at the venue they mentioned a bonfire! 🙂 I think it sounds like so much fun! 🙂

We are probably going to have a line dance at the wedding! However, none of s know how to yet! Haha so, please, if you know anyone that could teach us, please let me know!

Another thing we are thinking about is not having the men wear tuxes. Possibly jeans and a nice vest.

I have seen too many cute pictures of the bridesmaids wearing boots lately. I may have my bridesmaids wear cowboy boots for my wedding (: (they would be more comfortable in them anyway, haha)

So that is my wedding update! 🙂 just thought I would share these exciting things! 🙂

P.S. Please pray for my daddy, his back has been giving him trouble lately.

Racerback tanktop tutorial! (NO SEW!)

So I have seen a bunch of these before, and I LOVE them! However, some require sewing, and, well, I can hem a pair of jeans (which I tend to have to do a lot since I’m only 5’1″) and I can sew a button on.

This one requires NO sewing! That makes one happy Holley 🙂

Here’s how to do it:

Racerback Tanktop


1 t shirt (use one about a size bigger than you actually wear because it ends ups loose, but tight up top if you have a big chest.)

Some ribbon



First, cut the neck, arms, and bottom like this:


You may want to trim the neck a bit more. I’ve made two of these and I always end up trimming it to be a little lower neckline.

Next cut a strip of ribbon and tie the back two straps together.


That’s it! You’re done! 🙂 This one went to my sister. Here’s her modeling it:


She just woke up and said she looked like a mess so she hid her face from the camera. Haha


You could always use fabric paint or sharpies to add something to the front if it’s a solid color like this one.

(Sorry for the sideways pictures, I didn’t know how to rotate them on this laptop.)

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Color Coated Keys

Okay, so you know that moment when you come across something on Pinterest and have that moment of, “Oh my gosh, that is so simple! Why didn’t I think of that before?!”

I have those a lot.

Here is something that is so simple it will blow your mind.

Paint your keys with nail polish to know what key goes to what and it’s pretty cute. 😉

Here’s what mine look like:


(Having them color coated makes them much easier to tell Patrick which key to use when he needs to get into Mamaw’s house so he can get some sleep.)

Ta-da! Now I don’t feel so dumb anymore. I can share my dumbness with you. (:

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Olive Garden Copycat Salad Dressing

Have any of you ever eaten at Olive Garden? Well if you haven’t, you are crazy.

When you order your meal they don’t mention that you will get bread sticks and a salad before the meal. So by the time you get it, you are FULL.

They have the best salad of all time. And that’s saying something coming from a girl that HATES salad.

I found a recipe on Pinterest for their dressing and made it to use for dinner. It is so close to the real thing, all you need is some bread sticks.

So here is the recipe:


Olive Garden Salad Dressing

1 packet (0.7 oz) italian dressing mix (and ingredients called for on packet to mix it up)

1/2 tsp dried italian seasoning

1/2 tsp table salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

1/2 tsp sugar

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tbsp mayo

1/4 c olive oil

2 tbsp white vinegar

1 1/2 tbsp water


Mix up the italian dressing as called for on the packet. (This will make a small amount.) Combine the rest of the ingredients starting with the dried italian seasoning in a small bowl. Blend well with a whisk. Store in a mason jar.

Shake well before each use. Stores for up to 4 weeks.


You’re welcome.


My first post! :)

Hello readers!

My name is Holley Perkins and this is my attempt at starting a blog!

For my first post, I will tell you a little about myself.

I am 16 years old. I live in a small, yet growing, town in Tennessee called Athens! I am engaged to a wonderful man named Patrick McKiven! 🙂 We have been together for 9 months and engaged for 5. We have set the date for the wedding as October 5th, 2013. (For now ;))

I have named my blog “Railroader’s Fiancee” because Patrick works (duh) on the railroad! He is currently a signal helper for Norfolk Southern.

When he first started working this job, I took it a little hard. He travels a lot and at first it seemed that he was out of reach. Before he started working I could pick up the phone and call him whenever I pleased. We talked all day, every day, since the first day we started dating. He came over whenever we felt like spending time together (I have very gracious parents that don’t mind him being here. Good thing since he practically lives here when he isn’t working!) So I assume that my insecurities about his new job came from him being so far away and not as available as he used to be.

Up until 2 weeks ago I struggled with this. However, after a few heated conversations about how this is how it is going to be, I can take it or leave it, I have come to look at the bright side of things. (: I now enjoy the time I have with him and think on the happy things rather than dread the time without him that I knew was coming. 

He was always telling me this will be the life I live. I will be a railroader’s wife. He will work a lot sometimes and I will need to prove that I can handle it. (I was not proving it for awhile there.) I now embrace it. I know that what we have, is really very easy. My father drove a semi and was gone a lot when I was little. My mother survived it. Patrick’s father was also a railroader and was gone a lot during Patrick’s childhood. His mother survived too. Both of them were gone way more than Patrick ever will be. At least we have facebook & cell phones. Our mothers were lucky to get a call from a pay phone sometimes.

While Patrick is working, I am trying to finish high school, plan a wedding, and learn how to be a housewife. (Who knew buying trash bags and ground beef was so puzzling!)

I have always wanted to start a blog (and keep up with it), and my friend, Kate (allthingsworking.wordpress.com), encouraged me to 🙂 so here we go! Comments and advice are very welcome! 🙂Image

A photo I took of me & Patrick sunday (: