Racerback tanktop tutorial! (NO SEW!)

So I have seen a bunch of these before, and I LOVE them! However, some require sewing, and, well, I can hem a pair of jeans (which I tend to have to do a lot since I’m only 5’1″) and I can sew a button on.

This one requires NO sewing! That makes one happy Holley 🙂

Here’s how to do it:

Racerback Tanktop


1 t shirt (use one about a size bigger than you actually wear because it ends ups loose, but tight up top if you have a big chest.)

Some ribbon



First, cut the neck, arms, and bottom like this:


You may want to trim the neck a bit more. I’ve made two of these and I always end up trimming it to be a little lower neckline.

Next cut a strip of ribbon and tie the back two straps together.


That’s it! You’re done! 🙂 This one went to my sister. Here’s her modeling it:


She just woke up and said she looked like a mess so she hid her face from the camera. Haha


You could always use fabric paint or sharpies to add something to the front if it’s a solid color like this one.

(Sorry for the sideways pictures, I didn’t know how to rotate them on this laptop.)

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Color Coated Keys

Okay, so you know that moment when you come across something on Pinterest and have that moment of, “Oh my gosh, that is so simple! Why didn’t I think of that before?!”

I have those a lot.

Here is something that is so simple it will blow your mind.

Paint your keys with nail polish to know what key goes to what and it’s pretty cute. 😉

Here’s what mine look like:


(Having them color coated makes them much easier to tell Patrick which key to use when he needs to get into Mamaw’s house so he can get some sleep.)

Ta-da! Now I don’t feel so dumb anymore. I can share my dumbness with you. (:

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